EVA Foam

Ethylene vinyl acetate (EVA) foams are a specific form of cross-linked closed cell polyethylene foams, and can provide a great level of resilience and impact absorption.

EVA foam is ideal for applications which require a high level of protection and durability, and are particularly effective for use in packaging as it can protect high value, fragile products.

EVA foam has also become a popular material in the production of premium equipment, such as air power tool, hand tool pad, EVA Kneeling pad and performance footwear.

This innovative foam is also now commonly used in the military and emergency services, as many stab vests, body armor and protective footwear products incorporate EVA for protection and comfort.

  • Durable, dense, and tear-resistant
  • Resistant to oils and lubricants
  • Closed cell so spilled liquids don't soak in
  • Thermally bonded layers won't separate
  • Eco-Friendly Material



Burgundy 202C

Coral red 201C

Deep Red 1805C

Garnet 1797C

Ruby 1795C

Red 1788U

Cardinal 185C

Rote 032C

Berry Pink 238C

Rose Pink 210C

Orange 151C

Straw Yellow 1235C

Yellow 102C

Dark Yellow 114C

Fluorescent Green 802C

Lawn Green 368C

Jade Green 376C

Green 364C

Grass Green 344U

Green 3268C

Aquamarine Blue 314C

Fluorescent Blue 285C

Dark Blue 2935C

Blue 288C

Royal Blue 293C

Blue Purple 2766C

Indigo 2965U

Silver Grey Cool Grey 7C

Grey Cool Grey 10C

Black Black C